Why Us ?

We would like to differentiate ourselves with other cleaning services due to the following reason:

Blue for the common living area and the Red for the toilet and shower
Nice and Clean hygienic practise of cleaning with separate materials used for the separate areas. No chance of contamination.

ALL touch points are carefully cleaned and sanitised.
Touch points are the general areas in your living area which is mostly touched by your hand.
Like door knobs, light switches, telephone receiver and buttons, TV remotes, Cabinet knob etc.

24/7 Customer Service via SMS, phone or Email

Report if any detail cleanings are required in your living area or outside area which may be unattained.

Natural Cleaning Agents which is not harmful for your home environment.

Punctual on time.


FREE rectification of job.

– Police Checked

– Fully Insured

100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

– Reliable.

– Friendly.



Special Organic Chemical:

We understand the need of the client and health of their newborn and pets in their home. Some of our clients prefer an organic chemicals to be used.

Yes, we do arrange for a special organic chemicals to be used with Sydney’s best selling organic natural products made from plants. Please let us know about your need and we would be very happy to serve you our best.

“We believe in you and your satisfaction is all we need” – Nice and Clean General Services2