About Director

Abiral Guvaju, shortly named as ABI Director of Nice and Clean General Services has a full experience on 7 years of Executive Housekeeping and Cleaning experience, working for five star hotels, aged cares, airport lounges, service apartments, strata, offices, railway stations, childcare, gold course, café, commercial and residential accommodation.

ABI has served as Maintenance, Housekeeping and Laundry Manager to a luxury class aged care over 3 years in Northbridge, and was responsible for managing the housekeeping of over 118 rooms in a perfect manner including all the common areas and maintenance.
ABI also have all the necessary experiences on everyday maintenance duties like hanging a picture on the wall, troubleshooting the computers, assembling or disbanding the furniture and several other skills.
ABI not only understands the housekeeping standards within luxury class, his knowledge of cleaning techniques and hygiene procedures, added with his values of honesty, integrity and professionalism drives his passion for high class standards and his commitment to quality which he is ready provide from every aspect.
ABI, through Nice and Clean General Services, is excited to bring his skills and his keen eye for excellence to your home or any other business.

“We believe in you and your satisfaction is all we need” – Nice and Clean General Services2